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About Us

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Welcome to Meat Specialty, your trusted source for premium meats in the Colorado region! As a box-in, box-out distribution center, we take pride in being a full-line distributor, offering a diverse range of fresh and high-quality meat products. From succulent beef and flavorful pork to tender chicken and premium seafood, we've got your culinary needs covered.


What sets us apart is our commitment to providing the best products at the best prices. We cut out the middleman and source directly from reputable packers such as National Beef, Black Canyon Angus Beef, IBP, Seaboard Foods, Iowa Premium Pork, and Ocean Garden. This direct sourcing ensures that our customers receive only the highest quality meats, making us a go-to supplier for restaurants, and culinary enthusiasts across Colorado. 

Top Quality Meats

Best Customer Service

Satisfaction Guarenteed

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